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There’s no such thing as unconditional love, right? Right?


I know it seems like I’ve got the world at my feet, but don’t always believe what you see. Yes, I’ve won a scholarship to Australia to study koalas, and yes, the hottest stranger I’ve ever met kisses me almost the second I arrive. And sure, that stranger just happens to be in the dorm room down the hall from me and every time he looks at me I know exactly what he’s thinking and it sends an excited thrill through me.

But Raphael doesn’t know what I know: that my future is pretty much written and romance isn’t a part of it, no matter how much I wish it was.


I wasn’t planning on falling for the American student who has no idea who I am. Maci makes me smile and forget about the paparazzi stalking my every move. Suddenly I’m thinking about a life with her in it all the time, and that’s a life I like the thought of. When I’m with her, I feel grounded and happy and ready to face anything. But there’s something Maci is not telling me. Something she insists will make me not want her at all.

Something that, when I find out, makes me reassess what I thought I knew about life, love, and happy ever afters. Something that changes everything.


“One of the BEST New Adult Coming of Age romance books I’ve read… funny, heartwarming and sexy.” ~ Five Stars, Slick Reads


*** The Always series is a 3-book series about love, life, laughter and hope. Originally released under the pen-name Cherie M Hudson, the Always series is Lexxie Couper unlike you’ve read before. ***


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