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The Bad Boy In Cuffs

Dangerous Desires, Book Three

His past keeps finding them…


It’s not the danger that scares me. It’s Lucas thinking he’s not good enough for me.

Falling in love with a bad boy, a dangerous bad boy with dangerous skeletons in his closet, was never part of my plan, but I wouldn’t change a thing now it’s happened.

All I’ve got to do is convince Lucas I don’t need to be wrapped up in cotton wool.

Not an easy task. Especially when a shadow from his past catches up with us.

And threatens to consume us both…

This erotic contemporary romance contains adult themes and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


Running dangerously low on milk, I decided to take Groot to the local market. I’m a bit of a milk junkie. I can drink a quart of milk by myself, straight out of the carton if the mood takes me.

The mood took me when Lucas was asleep. Around six-thirty in the morning.

I was up, watching the night sky slowly fade to that beautiful purpley-pink color of dawn, thinking about how I was going to tell Mom and Dad about…well, everything.

Wording it over in my head. And re-wording it. And re-re-wording it.

Dad was—how shall I put this—protective of his only child. He wasn’t going to just shrug everything off and say “as long as Lucas loves you”. Lucas did love me, and, as I knew all too well, would kill to protect me, but that very fact was probably a negative in Dad’s eyes. Who wants a killer for a son-in-law? Even if the killer only does so for love?

Whoa, even my internal argument for why ours was a true Happy Ever After was making me unsettled. Dad was going to…

So, dawn sky, fading stars, deep breathing, and a sudden thirst for milk.

Without waking Lucas—who looked too peaceful, and way too sexy sleeping naked as he did in our bed—or getting Fluffy and Francis, I bundled Groot into my car and drove to the local market. I’d done some serious self-defense training since Lucas revealed who he really was, and I going to a public place crowded with people. It was totally going to be okay.

I love farmers’ markets. The bustle, the fresh produce, the delicious aromas wafting from the food trucks, the energy of all the people there. It’s a great way to spend your morning. Groot pulled on his leash, sniffing everything.

People smiled at him—how could you not? A puppy Doberman is adorable, especially one with floppy ears and a long happy tail—and at me. I smiled back. Nodded hello.

A wonderful morning.

I bought three gallons of milk, some fresh croissants (Lucas and Fluffy love croissants for breakfast, but despite once working in a bakery, I can’t make them successfully no matter how often I try), fresh eggs, a big bag of cherries, and some tulips for the dining table.

Oh, and a big bone for Groot to gnaw on once we returned home.

After all my purchases, I decided to grab a coffee and just chillax for a while. I was sitting at a picnic table away from the main crowd, with the morning sun warming my face, sipping at my hot coffee, when my phone vibrated in my bag.

Lucas, it would seem, had woken. And found me not there.

The first thing he would have done was check with Fluffy to see if the Marine was with me.

The second thing Lucas would have done, on discovering Fluffy wasn’t, was curse. A few choice f-bombs. Then he would have called me.

Hence my phone vibrating in my bag now.

“I’m in trouble, Groot.” I grinned.

Groot woofed back at me.

Yeah, neither of us were worried. What was going to happen at a farmers’ market, for Pete’s sake? Lucas (and Fluffy) needed to relax a bit.

“Good morning,” I said into my phone, letting my grin dance on my greeting.

“I’m in bed, naked and alone.” Lucas’s growl sent a delicious shiver up my spine and made my nipples pinch hard. “You know how I feel about waking naked and alone.”


He laughed.

My body reacted to the sound. I would never get enough of Lucas’s laugh; it was carnal and wicked and devilish and horny. It also made me regret not being naked in bed with him at that very moment in time.