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Lust’s Rhythm

Heart of Fame: Stage Right, Book Four

“She is death on two long, sublime, sexy legs. She is shattered dreams and sinful desires. She is a career destroyer. She is unobtainable. Untouchable. Hell, I want her.”

Chloe Blackthorne’s the daughter of rock royalty. Nick Blackthorne can make or break an up-and-coming rocker’s career, and he’s told Jed Brody to stay well and truly away from his little girl.

But ever since a chance meeting four years ago, Jed has hungered for Chloe on a level he can’t begin to fathom. When Chloe lets him know the desire is entirely mutual, nothing will stop the bad boy of rock claiming her as his.

Career be damned!

***Note from Lexxie*** The Heart of Fame: Stage Right books are fun, totally stand-alone HEA novellas featuring minor characters who first made their appearance in the Heart of Fame series and whose stories readers asked for. There’s no need to have read the Heart of Fame series to enjoy the HoF: Stage Right books (but they are really awesome, so you should check ’em out, okay?)

Heart of Fame: Stage Right – Because the first time, wasn’t *their *time…
Book 1 – Compliance
Book 2 – A Single Knight
Book 3 – Balls Up
Book 4 – Lust’s Rhythm


The sound of tires screeching to a halt on the street beside them cut him short.

“Get in, get in,” their earlier taxi driver shouted at them from behind the steering wheel, beckoning with a frenzied hand waving through the open window.

Jed laughed. “Bloody perfect timing.”

Chloe sprinted for the back passenger door.

They threw themselves into the backseat, the pap chasing after them.

It wasn’t until they were speeding down the street, almost a block away, that she remembered to breathe again. “Whoa.”

“Mate,” Jed leant forward and clapped the driver on his shoulder through the security partition. “You’re a lifesaver.”

The man flashed a toothy smile at him. “You’re welcome. Where can I take you?”

Dropping back beside her, Jed gave Chloe a curious look.

She wriggled deeper into his side, rested her head on his shoulder, and gave the driver her own smile. “The Beverly Wilshire.”

“The Beverly Wilshire,” the cabbie confirmed, a second before the taxi’s speed increased.

Silence stretched between them. There was nothing awkward or uncomfortable about it. Chloe closed her eyes, loving how perfect it felt to relax cuddled into Jed, how easy she fit to his angles.

With one arm hugging her to him, he drew lazy circles on the side of her thigh with his fingers, his lips occasionally pressing against the top of her head.

She listened to his heart, counting its beats, losing herself to the rhythm.

There was music in its soft beat, a music she felt all the way to her soul.

He is better than playing the cello.