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How To Love Your Dragon

Fire Mates, Book Two

He’s amazing with animals but can this veterinarian handle the fierce dragon shifter his heart and soul is bound to forever?

Yorick “Rick” Hayes is unprepared for his reaction to the gorgeous police officer who pulls him over for speeding. Overwhelming desire threatens to make him do something stupid – like try to seduce her on the side of the road.

For nearly half a century, Officer Kenna Mackay has denied her dragon side. It’s too wild and dangerous. And then she makes eye contact with Rick Hayes and her dragon awakens with a vengeance. The mating fire ignites in her, hard and hot. And completely undeniable.

Is Yorkick what her damaged heart needs… or will history repeat itself when Kenna discovers he was a powerful Druid in a past life; one who may have done something bad to dragon-kind. Something very bad indeed.

***A Note From Lexxie: The Fire Mates series is all insta-love, fated mates, scorching heat on every level, action, adventure, danger, fun, bone-melting pleasure and HEAs. Are you ready to fly with the dragons of Australia?***

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Rick Hayes’ mouth fell open as she stormed toward him across the waiting room. Possibly because she still wore nothing on her bottom half. Possibly because she was leveling her police-issue weapon at his chest. Possibly both.

Kenna didn’t care. Or stop.

Not until she was inches from where he stood, gaping at her.

She rammed the muzzle of her gun under his chin, snaring a fistful of his collar to stop him from fleeing. “Tell me who the fuck you really are, Dr. Hayes, before I blow your goddamn head off.”


Kenna let out a choked roar. “Don’t ‘err’ me!” She drove the gun harder into his chin, balling her fist tighter on his collar. Disgust surged through her, but for Rick Hayes or herself, she didn’t know. “I want answers and I want them now. You have until three. One…”

His mouth worked. Sound, however, didn’t.


“I really don’t—”

She narrowed her eyes, ignoring the exquisite fire licking through her veins, the eager throbbing in her sex and the hungry cry of her dragon at his close proximity. Damn, was that an erection she felt bumping against her stomach? “Three.”

“Okay okay okay!” He frantically waved his raised hands. “I think I was a Druid in a former life who somehow or another joined with a dragon in some kind of funky ancient ritual.”

The statement burst from him in a frantic flood of shouted words, his stare locked on her face.

And yes, she’d been correct—it was an erection. A big one.

Her dragon screeched her approval. Scalding fire razed her body.

She shoved his chin higher with the Glock. “You’re a what?”