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Heartfelt Scoundrel

Shayda’s mission: Rikshor Dollavera. But some secrets are more erotic—and dangerous—than others.

Look up smuggler in the Interplanetary Alliance Council’s database and you’ll find an image of Rikshor Dollavera. Research Rikshor Dollavera in the Nil-Raja Masterpleasurers’ Code Bible, and you’ll find a detailed description of his phenomenal sexual prowess.

Walk into the bar Haze on Spaceport Mercy and you’ll find the man himself, well and truly flirting his way into someone’s bed. You’ll likely find the mysterious Leatian, Eyn, at Rik’s side. Eyn’s a rival smuggler, and just as sexy.

So what happens when an AP cop comes looking for the best sex of her life and hunts Rikshor Dollavera down? A threesome beyond any of their wildest dreams. Yet everyone’s got a secret, some more dangerous than others.

And some far more erotic.

*Not intended for readers under the age of 18.
*Previously Published: (2012 Changeling Press)