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Dark Embrace

Dark Sentinel, Book Two

Should she seduce him? Or kill him? Or both?

As an ex-succubus granted her soul by the Highest of Deities, Inari Chayse has spent the twenty years since her “rebirth” channeling her voracious sexual energy into kicking the asses of all malevolent paranormal beings.

Torn between the demon she was and the demon assassin she has become, she has no intention of complicating her life further. But when the vampire who pleasures her dreams walks into her paranormal strip club complicated doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Fifty years ago, Ezryn Navarro abdicated his true-born throne to spare his people a bloody destruction. He never expected to find himself in a Sydney strip club, buried in the deliciously sensual body of the very divine assassin he’s been commanded to kill. The bigger surprise? Inari awakens something he thought long dead. His humanity.

As their tormented desires intertwine with a centuries-old battle of blood and power, redemption seems as unobtainable as love. The backlash will rock the entire vampire race, leading to their salvation…or their deaths.

“But be aware that this one just could melt your ereader, or burn your fingers, so keep the ice close at hand.” —LASR Best Book Award

**Author note** Dark Embrace was originally released in 2010. This edition has been significantly reworked/rewritten/refreshed. Yay!