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Aussie Actually

It’s a hate-lust-love kinda thing…

It doesn’t matter how romantic her sister’s beach wedding is, no way is Zeta De Luca—the last sister standing—going to fall in love with anyone. She’s got her safari park job and her new cheetah kittens to care for, thank you very much. And no way in hell is she going to fall for arrogant Australian doctor, Michael ‘Mick to my friends’ Blackthorne, no matter how freaking hot he is. Nope. Not happening.

And then he asks her to dance.

Mick Blackthorne has no idea why Zeta De Luca has got so far under his skin, but she has. From the second they first met, she keeps living rent free in his head. The snarky American seems to push all his buttons and is impervious to his laid-back charms. Not that he wants to charm her, of course. The idea of him and Zeta together? No. No way. As if.

So why the hell does his heart quicken every time she looks at him?

Author’s note: The De Luca Sisters trilogy comes to an end. But what a way to finish! This book has hate at first sight, lust at second sight, followed by love at third sight. There’s insanely hot nookie, a failed heroic flooded creek rescue, and some very bad dancing.