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The Boundaries, Book Three

Beware! Not for the faint of heart. Contains desire and lust darker than the depths of space.

The stunning conclusion to The Boundaries trilogy begins…

The brutal crime lord Hrung Crortek has seized Terran Boundary Guardian Zeric Arctos, hoping to extract Zeric’s werewolf DNA for use in an illegal genetic serum. Now Jaienna Ti, Intel-Patrol Corp agent and sexual assassin, is on a mission to wipe Crortek from existence-and she’s taking her ex-partner Raq Tornada along for the ride!

But when Tornada finally reveals-in no uncertain terms-how deeply he’s in love with her, Jaienna faces a completely unexpected conflict: does she stay with the man who first shattered her heart, or does she go with the man who taught her to love again-the brooding, untameable werewolf she’s trying so desperately to save?

When lust, love, and longing become inextricably entwined, the Outer Boundaries become more dangerous than ever. Because Jaienna never planned on losing her heart to two men. And those two men never ever planned on sharing her. But unless Raq Tornada agrees to help Jaienna rescue his rival, Zeric Arctos is already doomed…

Author’s Note: The Boundaries is a dark, erotic sci-fi serial romance told in THREE PARTS. There’s 100% a HEA at the end of the trilogy. Promise. The journey is full of dark desires, dark lust, danger, violence, passion, betrayal, dub con, passion and love. The kind of love that nothing can destroy. If this is not your thing, The Boundaries is not for you.