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The Boundaries, Book Two

Beware! Contains an alpha-male wolf shifter, a kick-ass feisty heroine, a dangerous assassin, a dangerous love triangle, and desire and lust darker than the depths of space.

Intel-Patrol Corp agent, Jaienna Ti has gone rogue. Now that she’s saved her sister from a life of sexual slavery at the hands of a cruel crime lord, she is fighting a battle of a different kind-one involving her heart and the brooding Boundary Guardian, Zeric Arctos.

Zeric has his own battle. An ancient curse renders him a savage beast unlike any the Boundaries has seen before. Once only anger triggered the change, but now his driving hunger for Jaienna is threatening to set the wolf free. And he doesn’t know if he can control it.

When the head of the Intel-Patrol Corp sends an agent out to retrieve Jaienna, the two face a threat more dangerous than any before. Raq Tornada. Violent, tenacious and deadly, Raq is an agent to fear. He’s also Jaienna’s ex-lover. And he has a score to settle with her.

The Outer Boundaries is a dangerous cesspool of sin, lust and depravity.

And it’s about to get wild.

Author’s Note: The Boundaries is a dark, erotic sci-fi serial romance told in THREE PARTS. There’s 100% a HEA at the end of the trilogy. Promise. The journey is full of dark desires, dark lust, danger, violence, passion, betrayal, dub con, passion and love. The kind of love that nothing can destroy. If this is not your thing, The Boundaries is not for you.