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*taps mic* Anyone here? It’s been a long time since I posted anything on my blog. Woeful of me, I know. So I’m changing that. Be ready for all manner of posts coming at you, starting today with the totally un-edited, hasn’t-been-touched-by-even-me prolgue from The Irredeemable Billionaire (Muse, Book 3).

(Oh, before you get to reading…who here has read The Mistaken Billionaire? The second Muse book? Anyone? Anyone? For those of you who have, I suspect you will remember Sebastian Hart. For those thta haven’t…meet Sebastian)


“Let me get this straight, Mr. Hart. You’re an Academy award-winning director—”

“And Golden Globe winning.” Sebastian grinned at the judge frowning down at him.

“Academy award, and Golden Globe-winning director—”

“And BAFTA winning.” He held up his index finger. “I’ve got a few of those.”

“An award-winning director,” the judge went on without a hint of humor in her voice. “Who, by your own admission, can buy anything you want, and yet you still, during a bachelor party for…” she checked her notes, eyebrows knotting. “James Dyson. The James Dyson? Media mogul? Billionaire?”

Sebastian nodded.

She studied him for a second. “You still, while slightly inebriated, chose to throw a shopping trolley through the display window of Sydney’s Hugo Boss city store at two a.m. to obtain a hat worn on one of the mannequins. Is that correct?”

“I really wanted to try it on.”

From behind him, in the public gallery—currently closed to the public due to his celebrity status—came three low groans.

He didn’t need to turn to around to know James sat with his face in his palms. Or that Thomas St. Clair—friend, the screenwriter of his next film and fellow bachelor party attendee—would be shaking his head.

Or that Harrison, his younger brother, would be pressing two fingers to the center of his forehead and wincing.

Where was their sense of adventure?

“And I really want to throw you in jail, Mr. Hart.” The judge threw up her hands. “Your arrogance and cocky belief that your fame and money somehow makes you above the rules of society—an attitude very clearly on display in this courtroom today, not to mention every time I’ve seen you in public or being interviewed—makes my tailbone itch. If you were anyone else, Mr. Hart, jail is exactly where you would be heading. If it were up to me, you’d be spending a minimum of six months there.”

Six months? In jail. “Over a hat?”

The judge scowled. “However, it has been strongly suggested to me that a period of community service will humble you.”

“Dude’s dodged a bullet,” Thomas’s low murmur wafted through the silent courtroom.

The judge arched her eyebrows. “Don’t be so sure, Mr. St. Clair. I’m not sure how your courts work in the US, but here…”

“Sorry, your Honor.”

Sebastian wanted to chuckle at Thomas’s hurried apology. Instead, he waited, tapping his foot.

Community service? Picking up rubbish on the side of the road? Serving up food in an old folks’ home? Jesus. He had a new film to promote, Samantha and Dave, the red-carpet world-premiere of said film to attend four nights from now, and his next film to start pre-production work on. He didn’t have time for—

“Mr. Hart.” The judge fixed him in an unwavering stare. “I am ordering you to take part in the Sydney Big Brother Little Brother program as a Big Brother to a boy of my choosing. You will continue to do so—with regular progress meeting with me—until I am satisfied you have learned some humility. Do you understand?”

Sebastian drew a slow breath. Babysitting? Some kid? “You’re kidding. Right?”

“No, Mr. Hart. I am not.”

Behind him, Harrison burst out laughing.

Well, shit.


So..there you go. What did you think? Jared Padalecki was the visual inspiration for Sebastian. *sigh* Sam Winchester…

Anyways…The Irredeemable Billionaire releases in November this year (or maybe October. Better go check on that). And if you haven’t checked out The Mistaken Billionaire (or The Stubborn Billionaire, Muse Book One, for that matter) clickety-click HERE

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