The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins

by | Sep 26, 2017 | 2 comments

My reading tastes run eclectic. I will read almost any type of fiction (although I’m more partial to horror and romance). Lately I’ve been picking up books purely on a whim. I just finished Ready Player One (fantastic book every 80s geek and nerd should read) based on the cover alone, and before that I read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods because of the TV show, and Jilly Cooper’s Mount! because I’ve been a Jilly Cooper fan since Rivals.

My current read is Kristen Higgin’s The Perfect Match (Book Two in the Blue Heron series and the follow up to The Best Man, which was my introduction to Higgin’s work). I’m really enjoying it. I love how to characters have realistic flaws (the hero, a Brit called Tom, drinks a little too much when nervous, which is not something I’ve found before in a romance-book hero). Plus I’m really enjoying how the narrative explores deeper issues than just boy-meets-girl (in this case Tom’s relationship with his almost-step-son is explored and it makes for emotional reading).

I’m at the halfway point, and unless Higgin’s completely fails to stick the landing, I’m thinking I’m going to love this more than The Best Man (which I give 4/5).

So…what are you currently reading? Any recommendations for me?