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An Excerpt From: The Good Girl In My Bed

Copyright © 2016 Lexxie Couper

The Good Girl In My Bed

Dangerous Desires, Book Two

She’s too good for me.


The second worst thing I’ve ever done? Fall in love with Veronica Underwood. The worst thing I’ve ever done? Tell her.

Ronnie is my dream. My fantasy. The good girl next door. I did everything I could to make certain she never knew just how dark the life I led was. I did even more to make certain nothing ever happened to her.

And then the violent darkness of my existence crashed into hers and both our lives changed. I couldn’t imagine we’d be together, but we are. And life is wonderful.

Until my past finds us, and Ronnie is in danger. Again.

I would kill to keep her safe. I would die to make sure she’s out of harm’s way.

And it seems I just might have to.

The good girl in my bed is worth it though.

Hell is going to look inviting by the time I’m done.

This erotic contemporary romance contains adult themes and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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