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An Excerpt From: REVVING IT UP

The second Eli took possession of Sami’s mouth, Jay knew they weren’t going to make it back to the hotel.

Knew the moment—raw and carnal and physical—had come.

Thank bloody God he’d booked out Goanna Tracks for the entire day, ensuring it was just him, Eli and Sami there, because they were about to fuck her six ways from Sunday right here and now.

And right here and now meant right here and now.

Out in the open.

With nothing but the birds to witness.

Dragging his lips up to Sami’s ear to nip the fleshy pad of her lobe, he ground his groin to her thigh. His cock, hard and trapped by his jeans, throbbed at the exquisite pressure.

She groaned, Eli’s answering growl just as hungry.

Jay’s head swam.

He was sharing the woman he loved with a man he swore he’d hate for the rest of his days, and he’d never been more aroused.

With a groan of his own, he flicked his tongue into the shallow shell of Sami’s ear before returning his lips to the side of her throat.

The sounds of Eli worshipping her mouth fed the lust in Jay’s veins. As did the way Sami’s breast rose and fell against his palm.

He pinched her nipple, reveling in the way she writhed at the touch.

“Whatever you did, Rutledge,” Eli murmured, his Southern accent thicker, his breath rapid, “do it again.”

Lifting his head from the side of her neck, Jay watched Eli return to feasting on Sami’s lips, watched his old friend explore her mouth with his tongue, before pinching Sami’s nipple again.

Once again, she writhed in their arms, pleasured pain etching her face.

Jay’s cock pulsed, flooding with impatient desire.

Eli moved his lips along Sami’s jawline. “Shall we ask Jay to do it a third time, Charlton?”

Sami moaned, rolling her head to gaze at Jay with heavy-lidded eyes. “I think he should kiss it better first.”

“Done,” Eli said, moving around her body until he pressed to her back. Jay watched his hands smooth over Sami’s waist before inching up beneath her tank top, taking its hemline with them.

Exposing her breasts to Jay’s hungry stare.

“Your tits are perfect, Sam,” he declared, devouring the sight of Eli cupping and kneading them. Every time her dusky-pink nipples peeked out at him from between Eli’s fingers, Jay’s cock grew harder.

Until he couldn’t hold off anymore.

The second Eli’s fingers revealed one of Sami’s nipples again, Jay captured its beaded form with his mouth.

Suckled on it.

“Goddamn it, Rutledge,” Eli ground out, removing his hand from Sami’s breast to fist his fingers in Jay’s hair. “I forgot what it was like to watch you pleasure a woman.”

Jay lashed his tongue over her flesh.

“He’s so hungry for you, Sami,” Eli continued.

“It’s so good,” she moaned in reply, her fingers clawing at Jay’s shoulders. “So fucking good.”

Jay moved to her other breasts, his fingers replacing his mouth on her abandoned nipple.

He nipped and sucked and pinched, giving himself over to the absolute rapture of her flesh in his mouth.

Behind her, Eli murmured words of encouragement, declarations of how hot Jay was for her, how hot it was to watch him feast on her breasts.

When Jay lowered to his knees to tongue Sami’s pussy through the lace of her knickers, both Eli and Sami let out a muttered curse.

“Fuck, Rutledge, I wasn’t prepared for that. I think I’m going to burst back here.”

Above Jay, Sami ground out a laugh. Which turned to another “fuck” when Jay hooked his finger into the crotch of her red undies and yanked it aside.

Revving It Up

Stimulated, Book Two

“Lady and Gentlemen…start your engines!”

Stimulated, Book 2

Tell Sami Charlton men are better than women at motocross racing and you’re bound to lose a testicle. She’s not the National Champion because she’s a pretty face with a hot bod. In fact, Sami is the best rider Australia has ever seen. She’s also feisty, rebellious, prone to sarcasm, and never looks before she leaps. Like, ever.

Jay Rutledge, Team Charlton’s Head Mechanic, has kept his desire for Sami a secret since he joined her team. It’s not always easy, but thankfully Sami is more interested in riding bikes than men. He spends his days making sure the vibrations between her legs are from a perfectly tuned engine and keeps the desire thrumming through his own body in neutral. Just.

Until International Motocross champion, Eli Swanson makes his move.

Eli always gets what he wants, and he wants Sami. In every way. The trouble is, Eli declared in an interview women aren’t as good as men at motocross and now all she wants from him is his balls. But when Sami bets anything she can beat him on live television, Eli knows the god of arrogant motocross champions is smiling on him. He takes Sami up on her bet…and doesn’t plan to lose. He hadn’t however, planned on dealing with Jay, a man he used to–once upon a time–share everything with.

Sami thought the only real pleasure in her life came from racing. She was wrong.

Content Notes: This novella contains a hot Aussie mechanic who knows how to handle his tools, a hot American pro-racer who know how to ride hard and long, and a feisty heroine with a gutter-mouth who talks herself into a hot, sweaty, throbbing situation with them both. Revving It Up is intended for mature audience. I’m not kidding.

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