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Snatching a towel from the rack, Ruckus rubbed himself dry. He ignored his erection. If he touched it now, he would be mentally fucked for the night.

He had no idea why Bran had contacted him, why he’d asked him out to dinner or where they were going, but if he wanked himself off now, with Bran on his mind, the dinner would become nothing but foreplay most likely ending with Ruckus eating Bran’s cock in an alley somewhere.

When it came to sex with Bran, location had never impeded them.

Ruckus’s cock pulsed at the thought of blowing Bran off, a hungry spasm that came with an equally hungry heat in his balls and the pit of his gut.

A demanding hunger.

Damn it.

Closing his eyes, he stood motionless, drew in a slow breath, counted to ten, and then exhaled.

Repeated the action three times until his heart, body, and center were calm.

He opened his eyes.

And found RG leaning on the bathroom sink, grinning at him. “I broke in. Sorry. Thought I should practice those breaking and entering skills you taught me a few weeks ago.” Her gaze flicked to his groin for a second. “You seem flustered. Want to tell me what’s got you so—”

He destroyed the space between them and crushed her mouth with his. Took utter and complete possession of her lips, her tongue, fisting his hands in her hair as he did so to hold her exactly where he wanted her to be.

She groaned into his rough kiss, grinding the curve of her sex to his rigid cock as she clawed at his chest, his neck, down his back.

Ruckus groaned in returned, releasing her hair to grab at her jeans-clad arse. He hauled her harder to his body, moving his mouth to her throat.

“Bite it,” she ordered on a shaky breath. “Leave a mark.”

He did so, the potent request one she made often when they came together.

She arched against him, her nails—blunt but not bitten that way—scraping at his back.

Fresh pain licked through him, deliciously pleasurable and darkly addictive.

He sucked harder on her neck, scoring her flesh with his teeth this time.

“Ah yeah.” She rolled her head to present him with more of her smooth neck.

He journeyed up to her ear, nipped at her earlobe, and then snagged his fist in the silken strands of her hair and yanked her head to the other side, capturing her throat with his mouth as he did so.

“Fuck, yes.” She raked her hands over his hips, shifting her own away from his so she could close her fingers around his cock.

At the fierce pressure around his length, he captured her lips again, plundering her mouth with his tongue as she pumped her hand up and down his erection.

Pleasure crashed through him, raw and absolute. And with it came an image of Bran, on his knees, looking up at him as he slipped his favorite steel cock ring over Ruckus’s—


With a growl, he tore his lips from RG’s and, hands gripping her upper arms, stepped back from her body.

Her fingers tightened around his cock for a split second and then she released him, her expression as unreadable as her eyes.


He sucked in a swift breath at her casual question.

“Yeah. I wasn’t thinking of you just now.”

He thought the truthful answer would destroy her. He didn’t want to do that, but when it came to RG, it was honesty and nothing but. She’d told him her history, told him all about the emotionally manipulative alcoholic mother she had, the deadbeat father who’d abandoned her and her brother when they were young.

The shit she’d gone through, constantly being lied to by her mum as the despicable woman drank herself into an early grave and almost starved her children to death…

Above all else, RG valued honesty, and no matter the situation, he would give her honesty.

Standing motionless, he watched her face.

“Care to tell me who?” She closed the distance between them with a single graceful step.

“No.” God, how the fuck did he explain Brannum West, the man he’d once loved, to the woman he feared he loved now? And how would she take it if he could?

She studied him. And then shrugged. “’K. It doesn’t matter to me if it doesn’t matter to you. I want one thing from you now, Ruckus, and one thing only. This.” She closed her fingers around his dick and squeezed. “Inside me. It’s why I came here.”

Plugging It In

Stimulated, Book Four

This is not a game

Stimulated, Book 4

RG Bailey is at the top of her game. Literally.

As the most successful online game designer in a male-dominated industry, RG bows to no one—in the boardroom.

Outside of the office, she’s learned she’s only too eager to bow down to Ruckus Tyrell, the only man to ever overcome her one-and-done rule in the bedroom.

Before RG, Ruckus avoided relationships. Avoided them so hard, he willingly gave up Bran North, the only person he’d ever loved, besides RG. But when his current lover meets his ex, Ruckus is revved to discover the trio’s mutual sexual spark.

Can he have it all? Ruckus plans to find out. It’ll either be game on—or game over.

This erotic contemporary, ménage romance contains adult language and situations; and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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