Eight Ridiculous Questions With…Carolan Ivey

by | Jun 1, 2008 | 0 comments

Carolan Ivey is this month’s victim.

Carolan Ivey is a North Carolina native living in northwest Ohio with her husband, two children, two highly opinionated dachshunds, and far too many books.

A technical writer by day, in her spare time she tries to indulge as many of her varied passions as possible – reading, traveling, finding new uses for her burgeoning lavender plants, singing with various classical choral groups, and exploring her Scottish roots through music.  She is also a Karuna and Celtic Reiki Master.

She plays guitar, recorders and penny whistle, and recently acquired a bodhran in Ireland.  She is now cheerfully driving her family insane learning to play it

Her answers made me giggle.

1.Ever knowingly broke the law?


Oh, you wanted me to elaborate? 🙂   Other than speeding, I once was an accomplice to littering with J.C. Wilder. She wanted to get rid of a bunch of loose gravel in the back of her pickup truck, and we drove out in the dead of night to a construction site and swept it out onto an existing pile of gravel.

Yeah, that’s us, outlaws!

2. Are you a moaner, a screamer or completely silent? (You know what I mean <g>)

Depends on the circumstance. In our old house, I had to be silent. In our current house, I can pretty much be as, er, vocal as I wish. (as long as the windows aren’t open – the neighbors are kind of close)

3. Can you stand the sight of your own blood?

Oh absolutely. Blood is nothing. It’s vomit I can’t handle. I was a terrible mommy when it came to my kids’ yakking. The minute I saw them heaving, I was so outta that room and yelling for my husband to come take care of it. LOL

4. Ever tried cross-dressing?

Only for Halloween. 🙂

5. Who is your favourite Muppet?

I’m torn between Kermit, and Statler & Waldorf. 🙂

6. If you were a sex-toy you’d be…?

Pretty much anything except this one…dog-sex-toy-558-1
7. Weirdest place you’ve ever ‘done it’?

Well, we tried “it” on a mountainside once, and almost fell to our deaths…

8. If you were a vegetable, which would you be and why?

A home-grown tomato, baby!  Fresh, juicy and hot from a sunny summer garden. 🙂

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