Cover. Oh, look, I have a cover!

by | Jun 13, 2010 | 2 comments

Look at this! Isn’t it damn sexy? It’s the cover to my next Ellora’s Cave release, womderfully titled Copping A Feel, a stand alone novella in the Cougar Challenge series.

Here’s the blurb…

Darci-Rae Whitlam doesn’t know which is more disturbing, receiving scads of obscene phone calls—or getting so turned-on by said phone calls. Then there’s the email from her American friend, Rachel, taunting Darci with something called a Cougar Challenge. Just the thought of seducing a younger man is enough to permanently soak her knickers. No wonder her ever-disapproving sister thinks she’s oversexed!

Cybercrime Detective Jarrod St. James is investigating a case of stolen identity. He quickly learns the fiery redhead claiming to be Darci-Rae Whitlam is the real deal (his shoulder trapped in the jaws of her gargantuan dog might have sped that decision along). He really should go back to Sydney, continue tracking the imposter who’s operating a phone-sex business in Darci’s name…but the woman proves too tempting. Job be damned, he has to have her. The fact she’s got a titillating challenge to complete only helps his case.

Darci just may be the fastest cougar to snag her cub yet. Being the victim of a crime has never been more fun!

I’ll keep you posted on it’s release date and share an excerpt with you as soon as I can. I can’t wait until you read it. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever written before 🙂