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Sliding Down (Solo Dads, Book One)

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Suspicious Ways

(Releasing August 21st 2017)

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Savage Seduction (Savage Australis, Book Three)

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Enter the Dragon (Fire Mates, Book Five)

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The Irredeemable Billionaire (Muse, Book Three)

Releases November 2017

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Now Available

The Good Girl in my Bed
Steady Beat
Lead Me Oo
Bound By You
Outback Cowboy
Outback Master
Outback Lovers
Outback Princess
The Mistaken Billionaire
Kat and Mouse
Copping A Feel
The Bad Boy in Cuffs
Triple Dare
The Stone's Soul
Suck and Blow
Savage Transformation
Tigress and the Dragon
Lust's Rhythm
Ball's Up
A Single Knight
Burn For You
Muscle for Hire
Love's Rhythm
Guarded Desires
Getting Played
Blame it on the Bass
Breathless For You
Plugging It In
Scorched Desire
The Stubborn Billionaire
Stimulated Series, Book 3
The Boundaries Series, Book 3
Stimulated Series, Book 2
Stimulated Series, Book 1
The Bad Boy Next Door
Fire Mates Series, Book 2
Fire Mates Series, Book 1
Shadow Whispers
The Boundaries Series, Book 1
The Boundaries Series, Book 2
White Hot Christmas
Shifting Lust

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