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Plugging It In
Scorched Desire
The Stubborn Billionaire
Balls Up
Stimulated Series, Book 3
Fire Mates Series, Book 3
The Boundaries Series, Book 3
A Single Knight
Stimulated Series, Book 2
Stimulated Series, Book 1
Foreign Affairs, Book 4
Foreign Affairs, Book 3
Foreign Affairs, Book 2
Foreign Affairs, Book 1
The Bad Boy Next Door
Lust's Rhythm
Fire Mates Series, Book 2
Fire Mates Series, Book 1
Shadow Whispers
The Boundaries Series, Book 1
The Boundaries Series, Book 2
Better With You
Tropical Haze Box Set
Bare For You
Party On
Burn For You
Breathless For You
White Hot Christmas
Getting Played
Blame It On The Bass
Lead Me On
Party Hard
Steady Beat
Guarded Desires
Can't Stay Away
Dark Embrace
Dark Destiny
Muscle For Hire
Red Hot Weekend
Suspicious Ways
Sunset Heat
Tropical Desires
Love's Rhythm
Dare Me
Red Hot Winter
Suck And Blow
Tropical Sin
Exotic Indulgence
Triple Dare
Savage Transformation
The Sun Sword
Shifting Lust
Passionate Peridot
The Stone's Soul

Contemporary Books



  • Triple Dare
  • Dare Me
  • Suspicious Ways
  • Copping A Feel
  • Can’t Stay Away

Party Games:

  • Suck and Blow
  • Twister
  • Party On
  • Party Hard

Out For You:

  • Can’t Stay Away

Bandicoot Cove:

  • Tropical Sin
  • Exotic Indulgence
  • Sunset Heat
  • A Single Knight


  • Red Hot Winter
  • Red Hot Weekend
  • Tropical Desires
  • Exotic Indulgence
  • Tropical Haze
  • Some Like It Hot

Paranormal Books



  • Dark Destiny
  • Dark Embrace

Savage Australia:

  • Savage Retribution
  • Savage Transformation

Sci-Fi Books


The Boundaries:

  • Assassin
  • Agent
  • Animal
  • The Boundaries Trilogy Box Set


  • Shifting Lust
  • The Sun Sword

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