A Pilot and A Doctor Crash Land in the Outback…

Can you guess what happens after that? Hee hee hee.

So, Breathless for You, Book One of my new series Outback Skies, releases today. Yay!! For those of you who have read Blackthorne, Breathless for You is Matt Corvin’s story. For those of you who haven’t read Blackthorne, Matt Corvin is a very sexy doctor who’s had his heart broken.


When desire goes sky high, things get hot. Really hot.

The middle of the Outback seems the perfect place for city-bred Dr. Matt Corvin to recover from the beating life has given him. Working in Wallaby Ridge as a member of the Royal Flying Doctors is just what this doctor needs, until he finds himself paired with a pilot who’s every sexual fantasy that’s ever done barrel rolls through his head. She rekindles in him a desire for something he thought he’d never want again—connection.

Natacha Freeman was one medical exam away from RAAF fighter pilot status when her lungs royally screwed her over. Flying a medical plane in the Outback should have provided isolation to match her desolation. Instead, she’s stuck in a tiny plane with a nice guy who sends her hormones screaming full throttle.

Though Tash is jumping on the brakes with both feet, Matt’s not above using his thorough knowledge of the human body to change her mind. Until the dangerous reality of living in the Outback brings them crashing to the ground.

Warning: If gorgeous sexy doctors with incredible bedside manner and a dominating sexual side make you shudder with sheer orgasmic rapture, this book may be…wait for it…just what the doctor ordered.

Available now from…

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Another cold ribbon laced through her, this one bitter with self-contempt, and she let out a wry laugh. “I’ve got a lot of baggage, Doc. Screwed-up baggage. None of it you want anything to do—”

He silenced her with his lips and swept his tongue into her mouth, the kiss as hungry and as fierce as it was unexpected. He balled his hands in her shirt at the base of her spine and yanked her to him, a primitive taking of that which he wanted.


She groaned, pressed her palms to his chest and, for a staggering moment, tried to fight the concentrated pleasure rushing through her.

And a heartbeat later, she surrendered to it, incapable of doing anything else but.

She raked her hands up his chest, lashing his tongue with hers. He deepened their kiss, his hunger evident not just in his ravenous lips but in the ungentle way he grabbed her arse and ground his erection to the curve of her sex.

She groaned, the rigid pole pushing her own desire to a feverish point.

Just this once. She’d give herself just this one time. This one time to lose herself in what could have been…

Scoring her nails over his shoulders, down his pecs, she teased his nipples—puckered into hard points—through his shirt. He hissed in a breath against her lips, his cock pulsing at her touch. She pinched his nipples again, a quick tug before dragging her nails down his ribcage, his sides, to the waistband of his jeans.

She wanted him naked. Wanted him naked and inside her.


Her heart raced with the need.

Her whole body burned with it. Every nerve ending, every molecule.

Hooking her fingers into his shirt, she pulled its hemline free of his jeans. Slipped her hands beneath the fine cotton and captured his nipples—skin on skin.

“Fuck, Tash,” Matt groaned, bucking as she pinched the pebbled points again. “That feels—”

She yanked her hands free of his shirt, grabbed the front and tore it open, uncaring of his buttons.

Before he could respond, she smoothed her hands up the subtle six-pack of his stomach, skimmed her fingers over the knotted white path of the scar marring his ribcage, and closed her lips around his right nipple.

“Holy fuck,” he ground out, tangling his fingers in her hair. “Holy fuck.”

She sucked his nipple into her mouth, closed her teeth around it and sucked again.

He bucked again. Bucked and cursed and grabbed at her belt buckle.

She straightened, tasting every inch of the muscular column of his throat, the stubble-roughened line of his jaw as she helped him remove her belt.

He tore at her clothes with desperate hands, yanking her T-shirt up over her head with rough impatience. She did the same, shucking his shirt from his shoulders even as she tried to toe off her boots.

With a horny laugh, he dropped to his knees, grabbed one foot and tugged her boot from her foot.

She curled her fingers into his armpits and pulled him back up, crushing his mouth with hers. She didn’t want to stop kissing him. She didn’t want to not have his lips, his tongue against hers. Even if it did mean she was still wearing one boot.

As if aware of her insatiable hunger, he worshipped her mouth with his, unzipping her jeans as he did so. His hands replaced the snug denim wrapping her hips, his fingers sliding over the curve of her arse cheeks.

She arched into his possessive touch, rolling her sex against the firm pole of his erection still restrained by his trousers. Its unyielding length sent liquid heat to her pussy and she dropped her hands to his fly.


Oh and look what’s already available for pre-order? The second book, Burn for You. Yay!

The fire in the heart is the hardest to fight.

Outback Skies, Book 2

Harsh, rugged and unforgiving, the Australian Outback is the perfect place for Evan Alexander to hide. Up in the air, fighting fires from the cockpit of his helicopter, no one sees the scars that run clear down to his soul.

When a massive fire breaks out in a nearby national park, Wallaby Ridge becomes a media staging ground, and Evan’s daring piloting skills the center of attention. Evan finds it easy to dodge every reporter—except one. A woman from his past.

Jenna McGrath can’t believe the quiet, withdrawn man declared a hero is the same arrogant, cocky pilot she fell in love with six years ago. A cruel betrayal caused Jenna to remove herself from his world, but she’s never been able to erase him from her memories.

Their long-suppressed attraction reignites, but the walls Evan has built around himself are high. And while Jenna easily overlooks the scars on his body, she begins to wonder if molten desire is enough to melt the emotional scars binding his heart.

Warning: It’s not the flames devouring the landscape that will stir your soul…it’s the wounded, broken man fighting them from the air.


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What Happens When A Soccer Player and A Cricket Player Meet at Heathrow Airport?

Balls Up, that’s what.

Balls Up coverIt’s a game changer… 

Rhys McDowell. Striker for Manchester United. Bad boy on the soccer field. Badder boy in the bedroom. Rhys lives by the motto: never second-guess anything. His only regret in life is that he fell in love with the wrong man decades ago and no one has ever been able to erase that guy from his heart.

Until now.

Curtis Clarkson. Ex-captain of the Australian cricket team. A man once feared on the pitch, Clarkson is now a highly respected businessman with a devilish glint in his eye and a willingness to follow wherever life leads him. He never expected it to lead him to a man. A cocky soccer player, no less. And a private shower in Heathrow airport.

When lust and desire take control of both men, all the rules of the game utterly change. Curtis never thought he’d fall for a guy. And Rhys never thought he’d fall again, period.

But when fame follows your every step, what happens behind closed doors doesn’t always stay there. And the penalty box may very well leave you not just sweaty…but broken.


Rhys had dedicated his life to acting solely and completely on first instincts.

Most of those instincts had been firmly planted in experiencing pleasure and fun. Rhys was renowned for never taking anything seriously, not even his soccer. That he was such a talented player—one who commanded millions a year—only made Rhys a bigger threat on the field. His most common first instinct—to act on anything that felt right—meant he was an unpredictable striker. And a highly entertaining one to watch.

Acting on first instincts ruled his approach to life.

Except when it came to Josh Blackthorne. With Josh, Rhys knew—even when he was only fifteen and desperately in love with his best friend—his instinct to grab the guy and kiss him senseless would have ended with a broken nose and a broken friendship.

But up until boarding the plane bound for Sydney, Josh had been the exception to the rule.

And then Rhys had been hit by a sexual desire for Curtis Clarkson more powerful than any he’d ever experienced before. Had fought against it on the plane. Had argued with himself against it in the plane’s loo. Had questioned his sanity even as he craved to feel the ex-cricket captain’s lips move against his own.

When Curtis had hurried from the plane—

Hurried? Huh, don’t you mean fled?

—Rhys’s first instincts were to follow. To chase him down, corner him somewhere away from the public eye, and demand to kiss him. Demand Curtis unzip Rhys’s fly and squeeze his cock until he came.

For five heartbeats, he’d denied those instincts.

Five pounding, punishing, brutal heartbeats.

On the sixth heartbeat, he’d succumbed to them.

And now here he was, standing in a first-class lounge shower cubicle with a man most of Australia hoped one day would run for prime minister, or president, or governor general or…or…fuck, some other exalted, illustrious position, and Rhys’s current instinct told him he wasn’t going to survive.

Not unscathed.

A heavy spasm claimed his cock at the thought. A hungry ache gnawed at his soul.

I want you naked. Now.

The words caressed him, coarse and seductive at once.

Curtis watched him, Adam’s apple jerking up and down his throat. A throat, Rhys couldn’t help but notice, strong and muscular and tanned.

Take him. Own him.

Rhys moved.

He destroyed the small distance between them, grabbed the front of Curtis’s shirt and ripped it open.


Currently, you can buy Balls Up from Amazon and Smashwords. Very soon, you’ll be able to buy it at Kobo, iBooks and Barnes and Noble as well. Stay tuned… :)

We All Know How Much I Love Colin Firth, Yes?

So it goes without saying, I cannot WAIT to see this movie.

YouTube Preview Image

Who wants to see it with me?

USA Today Recommends BLACKTHORNE (Lexxie Couper has fit of delight!)

Can you say Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!

Cause that’s what I just did (as well as a rather ridiculous little dance) when I discovered USA Today’s Happy Ever After romance book reviews section gave Blackthorne a Recommended Read.

Blackthorne by Lexxie Couper

We first met Josh Blackthorne as a teenager in Love’s Rhythm, his father and rock ‘n’ roll superstar Nick Blackthorne’s story. Love’s Rhythm was well received, and eight books later Josh is all grown up and we are treated to his story in Blackthorne, the Heart of Fame series finale.

Nick has long since stepped out of the limelight, and his exceptionally talented son has followed in his footsteps. Thanks to Josh’s small-town origins and strong parental guidance, he has his feet firmly planted on the ground and hasn’t let the fame go to his head. In an effort to throw a crazy, obsessed stalker off his scent, Josh listens to advice and leaves New York and rendezvous with his best friend and soccer superstar Rhys in Australia, their home turf.

Catlin Reynolds hasn’t built her Sydney club Chaos Room to be the hottest nightspot in the city by being a push-over. She is unimpressed with celebrity and believes them arrogant and self-obsessed. Josh Blackthorn, however, proves to be the polar opposite of the stereotype and difficult to resist.

A smile played with her lips. “I’m just going to get my bag.”

“Okey dokey.”

She sniggered as she rounded the end of the bar and walked towards the private door on the other side of the dance floor. “What kind of rock star says okey dokey?”

He preened. “This kind.” 

Her laugh wafted back to him, full of relaxed life and humour. 

It was her laugh that made Josh move. Made him propel himself from the bar and follow her across the polished wooden floor, despite the dull ache in his knee and her assurances she didn’t want him. Her laugh and the simmering passion for life he heard in it. It was the first time he’d heard such intoxicating emotion from her and it stirred him. 

“Well, okey dokey then,” she tossed over her shoulder, unaware he was close. “Try not to be too famous and doable while I’m—”

He snared her wrist in a loose grip and tugged her to face him. He couldn’t do anything else. 

He had to kiss her. Now. 

“What the—” she began, a surprised smile curling her lips. 

Lips he claimed with his own. 

Josh is quite smitten with Caitlin and feels defeated when he discovers she has a fiancé, a doctor who went missing while working overseas with Doctors Without Borders. Matt has been missing for eight months and is presumed dead, and Caitlin is riddled with guilt at the thought of moving on for a variety of reasons. Josh respects Caitlin’s wish to not become involved. He does, however, institute a plan to help that completely wins her heart (and mine).

Blackthorne is a moving story about coping with grief after a devastating loss, altruism and new love. I’ve read many of Lexxie Couper’s books over the years and have watched her writing mature. I have to say: She ends the Heart of Fame series on a high note. Blackthorne is one of her best. Josh’s warmth and sensitivity shine through, and Couper’s signature sarcastic sense of humor provides a laugh a minute even when the characters struggle through some very rough times (have the box of tissues handy). As a bonus, Caitlin’s personable three-legged pet lizard named Fluffy is given a special role in the story. Yep, a three-legged lizard! lol

Couper has a knack for writing memorable secondary characters who shout out for their own story. Josh’s “best mate” and ladies man Rhys McDowell certainly makes his presence known. ;)

Blackthorne can easily be enjoyed as a stand-alone, as it focuses on Josh and Caitlin. That said, if you like rock-star romances, the Heart of Fame series is well worth a try.


Oh wow. How cool is that!!

If you haven’t read any of the Heart of Fame books, you can find the entire series at Samhain, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and Kobo

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