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Spiderman, Spiderman…Does Whatever A Spider Can…

  Spiderman: Homecoming Or Finally A Spiderman Movie That Understands Who Spiderman Is Or Okay, I Freaking Loved Spiderman: Homecoming In the interest of full disclosure, I am a HUGE Marvel girl. Huge. I should also point out, Spiderman was MY comic and cartoon...

I See A Reunion In The Future…

  So this happened the day before yesterday. Some of you will know why this is a bit of a big deal...   Those included on the invitation list include: Chloe Blackthorne and Jed Brody Josh and Caitlin Reynolds Aslin Rhodes and Rowan Hemsworth Chris Huntly and...

I Saw Transformers: The Last Knight. God Help Me…

  Transformers: The Last Knight – A Review What’s wrong with Michael Bay’s latest and (God, please make it be true) last Transformers film? Everything. There is nothing right about it. Not even Marky Mark’s flashed upper torso (flashed for reasons I still can’t...

Gru: Sexy or Not?

  So I saw Despicable Me 3 last weekend, and while I don't think it's as good as the first movie in the series, it was a bit of harmless fun. However, it did get me thinking a bit about the notion of what is sexy and attractive. I mean, let's be serious here,...


*taps mic* Anyone here? It’s been a long time since I posted anything on my blog. Woeful of me, I know. So I’m changing that. Be ready for all manner of posts coming at you, starting today with the totally un-edited, hasn’t-been-touched-by-even-me prolgue from The Irredeemable Billionaire (Muse, Book 3).

(Oh, before you get to reading…who here has read The Mistaken Billionaire? The second Muse book? Anyone? Anyone? For those of you who have, I suspect you will remember Sebastian Hart. For those thta haven’t…meet Sebastian)


Chapter One

“I so wish I was that bike,” Jilly murmured as she watched the hunk of inked-up hotness ride past her apartment on a blood-red Harley.

Grab it quick because this discounted price only lasts until 14th August 2016.

Curves Are Sexy. So Are Tattoed Bad-Boys.

You’ve still got time to get k(ink)y with this hot anthology of 10 brand new novellas featuring sexy, curvy heroines and the inked bad-boys who will do anything to win their hearts. All this goodness for just #99cents !

Grab it quick because this discounted price only lasts until 14th August 2016.

Fancy A FREE Princess? What About A FREE Aussie Cowboy?

To say I’m excited about Princess, the first book in the Foreign Affairs series, is an understatement. Maybe its because the story is set in the Outback (the first Outback book I ever wrote), maybe because I’d always wanted to write an Aussie cowboy (aka, stockman), maybe because I got to work with Mari Carr who, in case you haven’t figured out by now, is one of the most lovely people I know and so bloody talented I get breathless reading her books. Quite possibly all three.

Ready to Meet A Bad Boy?

He’s dangerous.

He came into my life when I was sixteen. Tattooed, ear pierced, ripped jeans and bloody knuckled. That was the day his family moved in next door.

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The Good Girl in my Bed
Steady Beat
Lead Me Oo
Bound By You
Outback Cowboy
Outback Master
Outback Lovers
Outback Princess
The Mistaken Billionaire
Kat and Mouse
Copping A Feel
The Bad Boy in Cuffs
Triple Dare
The Stone's Soul
Suck and Blow
Savage Transformation
Tigress and the Dragon
Lust's Rhythm
Ball's Up
A Single Knight
Burn For You
Muscle for Hire
Love's Rhythm
Guarded Desires
Getting Played
Blame it on the Bass
Breathless For You
Plugging It In
Scorched Desire
The Stubborn Billionaire
Stimulated Series, Book 3
The Boundaries Series, Book 3
Stimulated Series, Book 2
Stimulated Series, Book 1
The Bad Boy Next Door
Fire Mates Series, Book 2
Fire Mates Series, Book 1
Shadow Whispers
The Boundaries Series, Book 1
The Boundaries Series, Book 2
White Hot Christmas
Shifting Lust

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