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Copyright © 2016 Lexxie Couper
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

Charlie Baynard put down the phone and reached for his gun.

His gut, never really an organ for reacting to the situations he found himself in, knotted. Of course it would now, given the call he’d just taken.

A call he had never expected to receive, from a life long in his past.

He was retired, damn it.

He now existed as a simple cop in a simple Outback town. That was it.

He was on no one’s radar. He was, as far as people went, a non-event. A cop in a small town way out whoop whoop, with a population of just over five hundred people, one pub and not a single set of traffic lights.

He’d picked this life, this existence, after realizing he’d lost all taste for the job he’d been trained for. He’d been good at the job—very, very good—but after an order that had made his gut roil, and a betrayal that had torn what was left of his soul to shreds, he’d called it quits.

Seventeen years had been long enough.

Seventeen years and enough red on his hands to dye the ocean.

He’d walked away. Handed in his non-existent badge. Told the director to never call him again.

Changed his name. Erased who he’d once been.

Pulled a few strings with a secret contact to land the job as Wallaby Ridge’s senior constable.


And that had been it.

He’d kept his finger on the pulse of the industry, as it were, without drawing any attention to himself. Seventeen years of habits were hard to break. But apart from knowing things no Outback cop should, things about politicians, world leaders, movers and shakers, media moguls, oil tycoons, tyrants and dictators, he was a simple bloke who lived by two simple rules—keep his small town peaceful and free of ruckus, and be there for his mates whenever they needed him.

His mates.

Tightening his grip around the Glock’s butt, Charlie thought of his mates.

What would the doc, Evan and Ryan think of the call he’d just taken?

Ryan suspected something about him, but even the heli-musterer would be shocked if he knew the truth.

The truth.

Not for four years.

Damn. When was the last time Charlie Baynard had dealt in truth?

Not since he’d become Charlie Baynard, that was for certain.

Dropping his stare to the standard-issue weapon in his hand, he drew a slow breath. Lowered his heart rate. The fact his heart rate was elevated told him he’d been out of the game for too long. There was a time when the only way Dani De Vries had caused his heart rate to increase was when she was naked, moaning his name as they played the life-or-death game that was their job. Getting a call to say she was heading his way now…

His heart beat faster at the thought, despite the deep breaths he was pulling.

His wife was in Australia.

Better With You

Outback Skies, Book Five


There’s nothing hotter than a killer love story!

Outback Skies, Book 5

Charlie Baynard is an average Outback cop. Protecting the people in his small town and flying through the Outback skies in his police chopper suits him just fine. But there’s a side to him that no one knows about. Like the fact he used to be one of the Australian government’s best assets, and his name isn’t really Charlie.

A dangerous past conditioned Charlie to be afraid of nothing and no one. Except for the woman who knows exactly who he really is. His wife. And if the reports that she’s headed for Wallaby Ridge are true, he’s got two choices—arrest her or kill her. Before she kills him.

Dani De Vries never questioned orders and was paid to do things that put her on a lot of most-wanted lists. Then Charlie entered her life and things…shifted. Now Dani is on the run, hunted by dangerous people. But not as dangerous as the man she never meant to fall in love with—her husband.

If only she can find him in time. And convince him not to put a bullet between her eyes.

Product Warnings:  The hero and heroine in this romance are dangerous. And violent. And don’t pull any punches, in or out of bed. And they spend a lot of time in bed having a lot of sex. A lot of sex.

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