Wednesday’s Wicked Excerpt – Crooked Triangle

Writing a BDSM novella was the most wicked fun I’ve ever had. Suprising my editor with it was almost as much fun. Crooked Triangle came out of the blue. I still don’t know what my muse was doing the day I wrote this. I suspect he’d gone on a unscheduled holiday and the muse in my mind at the time was a very naughty temp.

“This is a fast-paced, sexually charged story that grabs you from the very beginning. I did not stop reading from the moment I started until the end, then I screamed and read it again. I loved it and cannot recommend it enough to those that like hot and raw. The ending made the entire book for me. Ms. Couper is a delight, I love her sense of humor which comes through in this book, as well as an ability to write some seriously wicked sex.” – Jenn, Coffee Time Romance


Sam and Nicky White are a typical contemporary power couple. She’s a ball-busting vice president at the country’s leading bank, he’s the trophy husband she wears on her arm at executive dinners.

Except when they are in the bedroom. In the bedroom, their “games” of sexual domination have Sam firmly in the position of power. Nicky, however, is ready to bring the game to an end but Sam has other ideas.

During a night of domination and submission in their isolated country cottage, an unexpected guest drops in on the couple. A dangerous guest. And for Sam and Nicky, nothing will ever be the same again.


Content Warning: Contains graphic sexual content that may offend some readers.


Goddamn, his wife’s ass was hot.

Sam watched intently as she bent over before him, sheer black-stockinged legs straight, stiletto-clad feet spread wide. Burnished copper-tipped fingers wrapped slowly around her ankles as she folded her body further over, her glorious mane of midnight-black hair brushing the floor as she gazed up through the V of her legs. Deep sapphire eyes flirted with him from behind lowered lids. “I’ve been a bad girl,” she said, voice like honeyed velvet. “I need to be spanked.”

Bam! Just like that his cock was a throbbing steel shaft of hot-to-trot hunger.

The material of his boxers rubbed against his straining erection, tenting the front of his work trousers. His balls felt heavy and swollen, like they’d been pumped full of liquid metal. Stepping forward, he pulled at his belt buckle, the snick of the fine leather whipping through the loops of his trousers sending a shiver through him. Dominating his wife was the biggest turn-on he could imagine. Dominating her with leather was like lust incarnate. Wicked and intoxicating. And wow, what a power rush! What a fucking shame she only let him do it once in a blue moon.

His eyes roamed over her perfect, jutting ass, following the black line of her leather crotch-less thong as it disappeared between the crease of her cheeks, down the seam of those black stockings, to her smouldering eyes. “Please,” she mouthed, her full lips glossed.

With a fluid arc he raised his folded-over belt and brought it down. Right on that firm, smooth and oh-so-perfect butt.

Her squeal of pain sent molten heat straight to his balls and cock. If he thought he was hard before, he was out of his mind. He stared at the new red welt marring Nicky’s flesh. Holy fuck! I think I’m going to shoot my load here and now!

With another swift down-stroke, his belt slapped flesh. Harder.

With another squeal, Nicky squirmed, rolling her hips so her ass wiggled. “Yes, Sam! Spank me harder!”

It was too much. With a growl, Sam lunged, hooking Nicky around the waist and throwing her onto their bed.

She landed on her back, legs splayed, glistening cunt exposed. Breasts that were more than perfect jiggled as the bed shook, the dusky peaks of her nipples tight and puckered already. Before she could move, he was upon her, straddling her hips and pinning her to the bed. He stared down into her luminous-sapphire eyes, grinding his burning, rigid cock against her mons. “Tell me what I’m going to do to you,” he ordered, pressing her wrists to the bed beside her head. “Tell me how I’m going to make you scream and cum until you can’t move or think anymore.”

A whimper slipped past his wife’s parted lips. Sam could not tell if it was from excitement or trepidation, and didn’t care either way. His cock was too damn hard, his balls too damn swollen. Rising onto his knees he reached down between their bodies with one hand, plunging his middle finger deep into her cunt and wiggling its tip against the highly sensitive spot he knew would make her arch and squirm and beg for more.

“Oh, God,” Nicky moaned, throwing her head back as he buried another seeking finger, and another, into her clenching, creamy channel. “Sam!”

He withdrew his hand – a little – pinching at the tiny pink nub of flesh hidden between the folds of her sex. “Tell me!” he ordered again, dipping back into her cunt, taunting and teasing with what he knew she wanted. With what only he could give.

Scalding blood rushed into his cock, pumping him harder than ever.

“You’re going to fuck me,” Nicky gasped, rolling her head from side to side. “You’re going to stick your big, hard cock in my cunt and my ass.”

“More,” he demanded, driving his fingers back into her sodden slit. The sound of her juices slurping around his fingers was aural ambrosia. He had made her that wet. Him! “Tell me what else I’m going to do.”

Another soft cry fell from Nicky’s lips and she turned her head to the side, eyes closed. “You’re going to fuck my mouth as I suck you off.” Her chest heaved, round heavy breasts rising and falling as she gasped and panted in rhythm with his plundering fingers. “You’re going to pump your load into my mouth and I’m going to swallow it.”

Sam’s balls grew tight and his cock strained even more against his boxers, seeking, needing, the damp heat of her sex. Goddamn, he was so fucking horny! He stared down into Nicky’s face, noting the sheen of perspiration that slicked her cheeks and forehead, noticing the way her tongue touched her lower lip every time his fingers touched the walls of her cunt. Ribbons of molten lust coursed through his veins.

“Fuck me, Sam!” Nicky cried. “Please, Sam, please!”

Her pleas were like fire on his flesh. Fevered, he dropped his head to her breasts, drawing the pink tip into his mouth in a greedy suck as he plunged his fingers back into her cunt. Her juices slicked his flesh, her musky scent filled his nose. She arched her back, pushing her hips higher, her cunt harder against his hand. “Please, oh God, Sam. Please!” Her hands tangled in his hair, pulling on the strands she gripped in painful tugs that sent hot pleasure straight to his cock. “Give me more, Sam. More!”

He lifted his head, his breath short. “Oh, I’ll give you more,” he growled. Without withdrawing his fingers from her sodden, pulsing cunt, Sam reached for the bedside drawer, fumbling in its depths even as his other hand twisted and wiggled in his wife’s depths. Ah, there it is!

A grin stretched his lips as he pulled what he sought from the drawer. Oh, yes. He ran his grasp up and down the long, thick glass dildo, its chilly surface blisteringly cold against the fevered flesh of his palm. “You want more, Wife?” He held the dildo before her face, watching as her eyes focussed on its shiny, transparent shape. “Here’s more.” And before she could even gasp, he dragged its cold tip down over her ribcage and buried it up to the hilt in her cunt.


Hmmm, this really is much more naughty than I normally write, isn’t it. See? Told you so :)

You can check out Crooked Triangle here at Changeling Press.



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