Random Blast from the Past Time – Savage Retribution

I’ve been writing for ever. Most of you who have been reading me forever know this (and to those that have been reading me since my first release, I love you dearly). Today, I received a package in the mail with some author copies of a few of my older titles. I picked up one of them, opened it to a random page and read. And thought, Damn! Did I really write that? That’s not half bad.

So here is the totally random page I read from Savage Retribution, my first ever release with Samhain Publishing.

WARNING: It’s a naughty one.



He wriggled both fingers and Regan bucked again, thrashing against his hand. “Fuck. Fuck, yes.”

“Tell me how much you like that, Regan,” Declan murmured, his cock an inferno of burning hunger between his thighs. He rubbed his thumb and fingers against each other through the membrane of her sex and her cunt convulsed, fresh liquid seeping from her cleft. The distinct scent of sexual bliss filled the room and Declan’s blood turned even hotter, his every fiber imbued with the powerful musk of Regan’s pleasure.

Her breath burst from her in ragged, shallow pants. “It’s good. It’s so good.”

He dipped his head a little and blew a fine stream of air onto her sodden, pulsating sex. “Shall I stop?”

For an answer, she bucked her hips harder into his hand and thrashed her head from side to side.

Her absolute surrender to the pleasure in her body detonated a carnal lust deep in Declan’s being. He sucked in another musk-heavy breath and, heart pounding, balls throbbing, lowered his mouth to her cunt once again. Needing to taste her pleasure as well as feel it drench his hand.

Her muscles constricted. Sucked at his fingers as surely as he sucked at her clit. His balls rose up and he squeezed his cock painfully, struggling for control. The scent of her sex, the clamping of her pussy and rectum, the sounds of her rapturous desire were pushing him so close to the edge he felt his scrotum swell.

Regan’s hands fisted in his hair. “I’m going to come, Declan. Oh, my God, I’m going to come.”

Declan’s cock throbbed eagerly at the panted exclamation. He drove his thumb harder into her cunt, his finger deeper into her ass, wriggling and twisting them, seeking the sweetest of spots that would release the building, mounting pressure of her orgasm and flood her pussy with creamy juice. His tongue flicked and rolled and tortured her clit. He didn’t want her to come. He wanted her to erupt.


Savage Retribution

An animal rights activist is about to get a crash course in werewolves. One she may not survive.

Lone Irish werewolf Declan O’Connell has lost everything—his family, his clan, even his freedom—to his arch-rival, Nathan Epoc. The head of an underground werewolf clan and a brilliant scientist, Epoc plans to use Declan to create a super-wolf, a creature capable of shifting the balance of power in the lycanthrope world. But Epoc’s plans are about to be thwarted.

Regan Thomas, a determined animal rights activist, rescues what she thinks is an ordinary wolf from his notorious animal testing facility in Sydney, Australia. She gets more than she bargained for when the wolf turns into an extremely hunky, extremely naked man who immediately drags her into a world where the clash between two opposing werewolf clans could spell the end of humankind.

Declan has survived without a clan for more years than he cares to remember, but sexy Regan stirs up all his fierce, alpha-wolf instincts. Now Declan has one last chance at revenge. But can he keep Regan alive, and resist the overwhelming attraction between them, long enough to stop Epoc?

Summer in Australia has never been this hot… or this dangerous.

Product Warnings: Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, graphic violence, violent sex, high-speed car-chases, wild werewolf action and Australian sarcasm.


You can purchase Savage Retribution all over the place. To start, check out more of the book here

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  1. Dawn says:

    Damn!! You do make naughty sound so good 😉

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