Who Wants To Go To A Tropical Island? For FREE?

Quick. Tell us.

What is your most perfect, fantasy holiday. You know, the one that takes place in your mind. The one no one else knows about.

Where is it? Who is it with? What do you do there?

Well,  Jess Dee and I would like to make that holiday a reality.

So, if you can’t afford the plane fare, we’re here to help…



See, we’re celebrating the release of Tropical Desires, the print anthology containing three scorching, smoldering, romantic stories all set on the tropical island resort of Bandicoot Cove

And how are we celebrating?

With prizes of course!

We want to give away one copy of the book PLUS ARCs of the THREE NEW (so new they haven’t even released yet) Bandicoot Cove books.


That’s right. One print book and three ebooks!

How do you win this amazing trip to tropical paradise?

Head over to the International Heat blog (click here) for all the details.

If you want to know more about the books we’re offering, don’t be shy. Check them out here:

Tropical Desires at AmazonBarnes & Noble or Samhain Publishing

Afternoon Rhapsody at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Sunset Heat at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Moonlight Mirage at Amazon or Barnes & Noble


The contest will run for the next two days and the winner will be announced on the International Heat blog here.


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  1. KittyKelly says:

    Hmm…once upon a time I would have said austrailia but now that I know about the killer snakes and spiders I might have to pass. Lol :) I’d love to go to Ireland or Norway. And I would take my hubby and my bestie Ive. Ive would help keep me from killing my hubby. Lol 😉

    kittykelly28 @ hotmail.com

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