USA Today Reviews Love’s Rhythm.

I was going to try and play it cool, but I can’t. Love’s Rhythm has been reviewed by USA Today. Can you believe it!

USA Today has reviewed Nick Blackthorne’s book and called it a “romance that is brimming with humour and emotion”, along with a whole lotta other wonderfulness. Can you see how big my grin is?

You can check out the whole review here and watch me Muppet Flail here
And in case you don’t know the book, here’s the cover (which I love sooo much) and a snippet…
 Snippet from Love’s Rhythm

She lifted her eyes to his, her tongue slipping out of her mouth to slowly swipe at the corner of her lips, the water from the shower flowing over her, dripping from her puckered nipples.

“You drive me crazy, Lauren Robbins,” he uttered on a wobbly breath.

She traced the treble cleft tattoo on his lower abdomen with one slow, steady finger. “You drive me mental, Nick Blackthorne.”

Her answer sent a wave of sheer happiness through him. He laughed. “At least the hot water didn’t run out. Might have been a touch embarrassing if I was suddenly standing in cold water.”

She grinned, rising to her feet to stand before him. “I doubt the cold water would have made any difference.”

It wasn’t at all possible—he was too drained—but his groin throbbed with delight at her response anyways. It throbbed with an interest, a need he knew he’d never quench.

He leant toward her, letting his chest brush her nipples as he reached behind her and killed the water. “You realize it’s my turn now, yes?”

She laughed, a throaty sound that made his groin stir again. “You think you have it in you?”

He snaked one hand up her wet body to cup her breast and rasp his thumb over her hardened nipple. “Oh, I may not be a spring chicken anymore, but I’m pretty fucking certain I can bring you to climax again and again while this old body of mine recovers.”

She leant into his kneading hand. “Prove it.”

He shucked his legs out of his wet jeans, not an easy task to do while still in the shower cubicle. Even more difficult when his attention was fixed so firmly on Lauren as she walked across the bathroom floor. Her lush body still glistened with water, her arse cheeks bunching and stretching with sublime perfection every step she took. She paused, looking at him over her shoulder as she reached for a fluffy bottle-green towel and wrapped it around her body. “Coming?”

“You fucking better believe it,” he muttered, fighting with the last leg of his jeans as it clung to his foot with possessive force.

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  1. OMG, huge congrats…This is so wonderful….I would be screaming my butt off..

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