Seven Ridiculous Questions with… Cynthia D’Alba

If you don’t know Cynthia D’Alba you need to. Her books are smokin’ hot, her cowboys so damn sexy and her romances so damn romantic! Cynthia agreed to be a willing victim of my Seven Ridiculous Questions a while ago and I love love love her answers. The thing I think I love the most though, and I can hear her answering them in the most sexy Southern accent :)
1/ When was the last time you went skinny dipping? hmm, probably high school. It involved my boyfriend, an inflatable raft and…wait…that’s more than you wanted, right?
2/ What’s you favourite swear word? I say it’s Shit. My husband says it’s the “F-Bomb” :)
3/ Your favourite Muppet? Why? Cookie Monster because we have so much in common!
4/ You’re having an affair with a famous historical figure. Who is it and why? This was the hardest of all the questions. I mean, there are SO MANY options. Like putting me in a cookie store and telling me to take what I want. I’ll take John Kennedy…the son, not the president. Handsome. Rich. Smart. Great hair. Chiseled jaw. Great bod. Unbelievably sexy.  Perfect bad boy material. 
5/ Who do you prefer, Snape or Dumbledore? Both as a Professor and as a lover?  As a lover, Snape. He’s got that whole bad boy thing going for him. As a professor, I’ll go with Snape because hey! If I’ve got to be in a class, at lease let me have a few fantasies while I’m sitting there. 
6/ If they made a movie of your life, who would they cast as you?  Dolly Parton. Southern. Big blonde hair. Very southern accent. Big boobs! 
7/ You’re having an affair with one of your characters (yes, I realise you’re busy with the historical figure as well *grin*). Who is it, from which book and why? Giovanni Vaughn (from unpublished WIP) He is the rich son of a Las Vegas mobster boss who turned his life on that life. How living in a small community in Arkansas breeding Thoroughbred race horses. (He wasn’t the original love interest of that book but my heroine fell head over heels for him and would have nothing to do with the original hero. Sigh. Ever have that happen? Your heroine reject the perfect man you’ve designed for her in favor of the man who supposed to be a minor distraction? BUT OMG! Is Giovanni sexy beyond description!) 
Check out Cynthia’s Texas Two Step at Samhain Borders Amazon and Barnes and Noble


  1. Judith Keim says:

    Cyndi, such fun questions and fun answers! So glad Texas Two Step is doing so well!! Keep it going, Girl!

  2. You cracked me up, Cyndi! I have to admit to some disappointment in your choice of Snape, but Giovanni sounds yummy and I want him now! LOL

    • I’m sorry, Natalie, but I can clean up Snape (i.,e. wash his hair!) and make him into quite a stud muffin. And Giovanni…I hope to go back to him some day. On the other hand, if I never finish the story, I’ll never had to share him with other woman!

  3. Leigh Duncan says:

    A beautiful website, a great interview, a few good laughs–not a bad start to a Saturday morning! Best of luck with that new book, Cyndi. I want to hear more about Giovanni!

    • Thanks Leigh. I’m heavy at work today on Travis Montgomery’s story, but ate too much for lunch. Eyelids feel like someone has tied anchors to the lashes pulled this down and close. I may have to change locations to stay awake.

  4. Kara says:

    Great interview, Cyndi! Love the witty answers! What a way to tease us with a delectable hero 😉

  5. Hey Kara! Hows the little one? Growing?

    I confess that Giovanni was not supposed to be the hero. He wasn’t! but my slutty heroine would have no one but him!

    Thanks for coming by

  6. Hi Cynthia,
    Great interview!! I loved your answers! Have a wonderful day and keep writing!!

    • Thanks Karilyn. I’m writing my ass off this weekend. Local RWA chapter is having writing retreat in hill of Arkansas. Unbelievably beautiful up here!
      thanks for coming by

  7. Great answers and a great cover for Texas Two Step. I almost couldn’t find the comments section because of that cover. 😀

  8. Hee hee. Thanks Carol. I am SO THRILLED you came up with us this weekend!

  9. I’m late, sorry! Love the interview – great questions and hilarious answers! You’re one of my favorite people, Cynthia!!

    Nancy Haddock

  10. Thanks for the giggles, Cyndi. I loved the interview!

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