Cover Reveal Time – Misplaced Princess AND Misplaced Cowboy

Wanna see the covers for the first two books in the Foreign Affairs series Mari Carr and I are writing together? There’s bare male chest eye-candy to be had. (Hee hee hee)























What do you think? Pretty bloody hot, ‘eh :)

I can’t wait for these books to be released. As far as I know, Misplaced Princess hits sometime late May or early June and Misplaced Cowboy sometime in July. More to come as soon as Mari and I are allowed to share :)


  1. Mel B says:

    OH BOY!! Very hot! I love them! Congrats!!

  2. Christi Snow says:

    Oh my! Now those are two gorgeous covers! smiles…

  3. Oh wow, those are some sexy covers…Love them…Congrats

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