Wednesday Weigh-In – Week Three

I’m stating my goals today. I’m doing this for two reasons. Last week wasn’t such a good week. I indulged when I shouldn’t, I allowed myself to skip exercising and I gave myself excuses for being pathetic. Also, my husband did some serious damage to his back and we spent some time in hospital (which meant eating vendor machine food for a day). Normally, this would be the time I’d quit, telling myself I’ll start again on Monday, spend the rest of the week gorging on crap and then let some reason or another stop me starting on Monday, so I would continue to eat crap for another week, and so forth (see the pattern here?). BUT I’m not doing it this time. This time I’m sticking with it. Hence stating my goals here so I can come back to them whenever I need the reminder.


Put aside 30 mins every day for me to exercise. 

This sounds like a ridiculous goal, given it’s only 30 mins, but I didn’t do this at all last week. I did zero exercise. Nada. Not a thing was ticked off my list. That’s pathetic, right, so I’m reminding myself this is for me, my health and future (because you never know when a zombie apocalypse will strike and I want to run away from those walking dead f*ckers, not get eaten!)

Where a pair of shorts out in public

I haven’t worn shorts, or anything else that stops above my knees for so long I can’t actually remember when I did. And it’s damn hot in Australia, especially during Summer. I want to strut about in a pair of shorts–faded denim ones would be nice–and not worry Greenpeace is going to come try and rescue the misplaced whale flopping about in the shopping mall.

Find my willpower

I lost it somewhere in the 80s. Probably around the same time I lost my…yeah, well, you don’t need to know that 😉 But I need to be able to look at a Tim Tam and say no. Not, okay, only one, but no. And if I can get find my willpower, I may be able to say no to all sorts of other things I find it tricky to say no to (like that new handbag I spied two days ago. It’s been calling me…calling me….)

Buy a flamethrower

Because if the zombie apocalypse strikes I want to be prepared. Oh wait, this is my Lose-Weight Goals list, isn’t it :)

So, they are my goals. Essentially, I need to focus, stay committed and not give up when I get discouraged or tired. I am my worst enemy when it comes to losing weight, but not this time. This time, I’m my best mate. I have to be. I don’t want those bloody zombies getting me…

Today is WEEK THREE and my weight this morning is:

85kgs/187 pounds

(pretty woeful, ‘eh.)



  1. Hang Tough!

    You can do this.
    Forget will power. I have adopted WON’T power. As in I won’t eat that, I won’t skip the gym ….

    For me I have to roll out of bed and straight into the basement gym or I don’t exercise. I’ve learned that if I don’t do this, i just don’t get my workout in. Some days it almost kills me to get out of bed and sweat before I have coffee.

    You can do this. Know that every morning I am rooting for you as I waddle away my fat cells on the treadmill.

    Keep working, strive for imporovement, not perfection.

    For me, in the passt eight months, it is 35 pounds down, 35 to go for me.


    • Lexxie Couper says:

      OH, WON’T power. I like that. I’m getting myself some WON’T power :)

      Thanks, Katie. And YAy!!! You are doing sooo well. Man, I am both in awe and encouraged. Go you (and me!)

  2. Good on you Lexxie. This year I’ve decided to get healthy as I would like to start my family soon. I’ve gained all the weight I lost before my wedding two years ago (stress induced weight lost, but still) and I’m at my heaviest.

    I’m on my first week and the WILL POWER thing is still alluding me. Trying to track my eating with (there’s an app for that) and its helping me realise where I am going wrong (my husband is a BAD influence.

    So – I’ll be watching your blog for more of your awesome ideas (I feel you on the shorts thing BTW – Adelaide has been DAMN HOT). If you find the WILL POWER, let me know, k?

    I’m 5’11” and I’m aiming to be down 20 kgs (44 pound) by August.

    Here’s to my new weight loss buddy


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