Snotty Noses, Print Releases and Bandicoot Cove Cover Art

Oh man, what a life I lead. First of all I set myself a deadline which I should be able to achieve as long as nothing in my life goes pear shape, then I ignore everything else in my world trying to meet that deadline, then the school holidays start Down Under and Peanut and the Demon Princess are fighting for my attention, then I drive to visit my brother and his family on the outskirts of the Outback and THEN I get the flu. *sigh*

In amongst all that, I discover four things.

1/ Books won’t magically write themselve no matter how much I think about then while in a drugged, semi-catatonic flu delirium

2/ I have TWO print releases. TWO! Can you believe it. My Cougar tale, Copping a Feel is part of the Ellora’s Cave anthology, Cougar Hunt and Book One of the Seven Deadly Daemons series, Timeless Wrath is in the Going Down Under anthology from the same publisher. BOTH anthologies are now available and I’m chuffed to be included with amazing authors like Nicole Austin, Samantha Cayto, Alexis Fleming and Tracy Cooper-Posey.

3/ Dragon shifters require dragon research. Man, there are lots of awesome fan-art images of dragons out there.

4/ I finally got the go ahead to share the cover for my upcoming Samhain release, Tropical Sin (which as you know is part of the Bandicoot Cove anthology I’ve written with the brilliant Vivian Arend and Jess Dee). Check out the cover from the utterly awesome Kanaxa


















Isn’t it gorgeous?

The rest of the covers are equally beautiful. Check ’em out…











Beautiful, yes? And you’ll note there’s two more covers. How can that be, Lexxie, I hear you ask? Well, Exotic Indulgence is the FREE story written by Vivian, Jess and myself and Tropical Desire is the PRINT anthology of all three books. Yay!











Dates for releases go as follows…

Aug 20: you can get your FREE copy of Exotic Indulgence, by Vivian Arend, Jess Dee and myself.

On the the same day, you can also purchase Paradise Found by Vivian Arend.

Sep 6Tropical Sin releases. (Yay!!)

Sep 20: Jess Dee’s book, Island Idyll releases.

Sometime 2012: The print book. :)


So, there’s my (kinda brief, still snotty) catch up. Starting today I’m back to my blog schedule so make sure you come back now 😉 Oh, and Friday’s Colin Firth will be back Friday. Promise :)

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