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Continuing the Meet the Heat summer (or winter, if like me you’re in the southern hemisphere, allow me to introduce two of my fellow International Heat members, Valerie Tibbs and Lila Dubois.

The first thing you should know about Valerie Tibbs is this: I named a vibrator after her in Copping A Feel. I did this because she is capable of making anyone go oooohhhhhh. Of course, she does this by creating the most amazing book covers.

The second thing you should know about Valerie is she totally awesome and so nice I just want to hug her to bits. At RT2010, Val made sure Mari, Jayne and I never needed anything. She bought me bikkies (or should that be cookies? Graham cookies, to be precise), she made me feel so totally welcome in a strange country I was devastated when I had to fly home. In short, Val was a Godsend.

Val is the genuis behind Tibbs Design. If you need a book cover, she can do it. Doesn’t matter how freaky or complicated, Val can do it. If you want a website, Val can do it. Just take a little peek-see at some of her most amazing stuff!

See what I mean? Stunning, aren’t they. And these are just a small snap-shot of the work that Val does. Seriously, if you need banners, websites, book covers or any other author web-based service, I can’t recommend Valerie enough. Two reasons, she produces beautiful work….and she’s a born sweetie :)

Now, Lila Dubois is another story altogether. Lila scares me. Seriously. She is totally, unabashedly out there and proud of it. She makes no apologies for being sinfully erotic and blatently sexy. She writes some of the most mindblowing erotic romance I’ve ever read. Period. My favourite, I think, is Lights, Camera, Monsters, a tale set in Hollywood starring the hottest, most gorgeous monsters around. Take a look…

When monsters need a makeover, they head for the one place that can make it happen. Hollywood.

Book 1, Monsters in Hollywood series.

Luke is desperate to save his people. A lifetime of sneaking in to human houses and watching movies has convinced him that if he can make a great movie about monsters, humanity will change its opinion of them. With his friends at his side, all in shiny new human bodies, Luke heads for Tinsel Town.

A rising Hollywood producer, all-business Lena knows a good story when she sees it. Luke? He’s just another amateur who wants to get famous. But Luke’s too gorgeous to pass up. And there’s something vulnerable about him that leads her to throw caution to the wind and invite him to dinner.

One night of incredible sex later, Lena wakes up next to the surprise of her life. She’s sleeping next to a monster. Literally.

Appearances aside, she finds herself wanting to help Luke save his people. But they’ve got more to worry about than just human prejudice.

Some of the monsters would rather stay in the closet—and to make them all stay there, they’re willing to kill.

Warning, this title contains the following: multiple orgasms, spanking, misuse of kitchen utensils and sex with monsters.

Lena cocked her head to the side. “If the story you want to tell isn’t about your three-way relationship, what is it about?”

Luke certainly wasn’t going to tell her here, in fact, the plan was to avoid telling her the full truth for as long as possible. “It’s about us, about what we are.”

“And what are you?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Lena reached across the table and grabbed his wrist, two fingers settling on the soft inside. “You have a pulse, so you aren’t A.I. Enhanced military super solider?” she guessed.

“No.” Luke was distracted by her fingers on his wrist. They were soft, with white and pink nails, her skin delectably pale against the dark tint of his human flesh. She started to pull her hand away, but Luke wrapped his fingers around hers, holding her in place. They both looked at their tangled hands, and in an instant, the atmosphere at the table changed.

Luke imagined how they would look pressed against one another. The dichotomy of skin tones on the grand scale of their full naked bodies. Lena’s fingers curled into his, stroking the hollow of his palm, and Luke swallowed. Please let that be the opening strains of human mating rituals.

“I think I know a way to solve our problem.” Lena’s voice was butter smooth and velvet soft. He raised his gaze from their locked hands to her face. Blue eyes peeked at him under dark lashes.

“We have a problem?”

“I think we do. You want me to agree to make a movie about what you are, but won’t tell me precisely what that might be.” Lena slid her fingers from his, then reached up and ran her index finger from the tip of his eyebrow, down over his cheekbone, to the corner of his mouth. “So it looks like I’ll have to find out all on my own.”

She sat back and signaled the waiter for the check.

Both Valeria and Lila are International Heat members, and if you’ve been following my regular introductions there’s something you should all know by now about them – they are brilliant. Come meet them in more wicked detail at International Heat. Go on….don’t be scared :)

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  1. Tez Miller says:

    The chick on the TWICE HER AGE cover totally looks like Lara Bingle.

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