Sneak peek – Spaceport: Captured Rapture

My next Changeling Press release is due to my editor very very soon (*waves* Hi, Chrissie) and I’ve been fooling around with something quite different for me. The mss started life as a 1st person super short, but as it went along it kinda evolved into a 3rd person slightly longer super sort. Now, it’s (well, will be) a 1st person short novella. Confused, yet? LOL You should be me for a day. I’m in a perpetual state of confusion…

Anyways, here’s a sneak peek of Spaceport: Captured Rapture. I’d love to know what you think.

Chapter 1

I never knew what hit me. One moment I’m skimming over the surface of Adana’s Beta moon, its dull red surface a blurred carpet below me, the next I’m flat on my back, wrists pinned to the powdery grit, legs spread, with a man roughly half my size again pressing down on me. A cock that felt like a Tellaxion viper – y’know the really big, thick ones they find in the Furthest Jungles – rammed at the junction of my thighs, shoving at the lips of my sex with a brutal force that should have pissed me off, but instead made my pulse leap away from me and my mouth turn dry.

I stared up at whoever-the-fuck held me down, glaring into eyes the colour of an angry Earth sky. A lone female on a Skimmer probably looked like an easy target, but for Shyke’s sake, I wore the uniform of an Allied Planet Enforcer. What type of idiot, no matter how desperate to claim a woman, jumped a cop? Especially one flinging across a moon at almost twice safe propulsion speed with an Aglaian Disruptor on her right hip? And left thigh?

“This kind,” the hulking man who felt made of granite murmured, jerking my wrists together above my head. He locked my wrists in one large fist and yanked my disruptor from its thigh harness before I could blink. Or digest the fact he’d answered a question I hadn’t asked aloud.

His mouth crashed down on mine, claiming my lips as his property. I could feel the possession in the fierce and frightening way his tongue invaded my mouth, plunging and plundering. Merciless and savage. Taking what I was not giving. Well, what I was trying not to give. Truth be known, I was getting aroused. More than aroused. If the man had reached between my spread, kicking legs right at that point, any point actually – the point where his teeth nipped on my bottom lip and sent shards of wicked pain into my centre was just a prime example – he would have found the crotch of my uniform damp with musky pleasure. I’d been kissed many times, by Raavelian Alpha slaves, by Nil-Raja Master-Pleasurers, but none kissed the way this… this… gods! this male kissed.

His mouth fucked mine. There was simply no other way to explain it. His mouth did to my mouth what a cock should do to a cunt. It delved deep, took everything and returned it all back ten-fold. His tongue lashed at the inside of my mouth, whipped at the edges of my teeth, mated with a need so untamed I felt the building pressure low in the pit of my stomach. Gods, I was going to come! From a kiss! A kiss!

There you go. Does it work? Or does the 1st person style  not suit me? Any and all thoughts and opinions welcome and gratefully received :)

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