Casting Couch

Here’s a little bit of fun. I’ve decided to “cast” Torr (my hero from Spaceport: Captured Rapture) and am leaning towards Gerard Butler as inspiration. Pretty damn yummy. Torr is an arrogant, dominating, intense hunk of a male and this image of Butler nails what I have in mind to perfection.

Here’s a tiny snippet of Torr, just to help you get the picture…

“You will lose the fight, Rai’nia,” Torr murmured against my neck before lifting his head to gaze into my eyes. “The end result has already been decided.”

Will “cast” Navarr from Bound By Desire later (now there’s a smouldering, brooding son of a vampire if ever there was one)

One Comment

  1. Colleen says:

    Well I must say, better looking than Harrison Ford!

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